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Skyline Automated Systems Inc., headquartered in Chelan Washington, is recognized as one of the nation’s leading full service system control companies. We at Skyline Automated Systems Inc., are focused exclusively on HVAC Service, Systems and Equipment, Automated Controls, Indoor Air Quality, and Energy Management.

Skyline Automated Systems Inc. has built a solid reputation for combining innovative design and precise solutions, making it the industry’s choice for complete thermal energy solutions that improve and support their internal environments and reduce their overall operating expense.

HVAC Automated Control Systems

BACnet Building Control

More than just an investment, HVAC Systems are the life blood of your facility and in most cases exceed 50% of your operational cost. Simply put, Skyline Automated Inc. ensures you get optimal performance and the most out of every dollar spent. Skyline technicians and tradesmen are solution-based to improve our customer’s competitive advantage and chance for long-term business success.

We at Skyline Automated Systems Inc. are proud of our humble beginnings, our heritage, our management team and our future. We are committed to delivering excellence and exceptional customer service, never forgetting that “service” is inherited in our name.




Skyline Automated Systems Inc. is a single source service company focused on full-service HVAC system work and related trades, headquartered in Chelan, Washington. We are led by a team that has more than 180 years of combined industry experience and is solely focused on delivering value and exceptional customer service. Skyline technicians diagnose, re-design, capture and repair system misappropriation and energy waste. We deliver solutions that protect and improve our customer’s commercial environment with greater efficiency and control, that not only reduce their operating cost, but make those costs predictable.

Skyline Automated Systems Inc. is proud to play an active role in these challenging times where the world itself and government, is not only focused on energy conservation and consumption, but energy independence and protecting the environment for our children, today and tomorrow. At Skyline Automated Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on being a part of this endeavor; we reduce energy cost and waste for our customers, making them more independent and better able to focus on their core business of servicing customers and growing their business. We, at Skyline Automated Inc., believe we are all in this together; creating better opportunities for everyone, today and tomorrow. Thank you for visiting with us.



Energy Management Systems also referred to as Building Automation Systems are a combination of HVAC Control Systems and Energy Monitoring Systems. These systems utilize energy monitoring information to make decisions on how to best control HVAC systems and save on energy costs.

Skyline Automated Systems Inc.’s, Energy Monitoring Systems and Energy Management Systems utilize extensive reporting, alarming and real-time monitoring functions. The end user can access this data and make real-time changes through a web-based interface that can be accessed over any internet connection.

Energy audits and Site Energy Surveys are very similar to audited financials. Skyline Automated Systems Inc. has the capability and the certifications to conduct Energy Audits at any level. We at Skyline are not currently selling this product but rather using this service as added value to our clients and to design a better Energy Management System.

Building Automation System (BAS)

HVAC Controls Systems (Building Automation System (BAS) Building Management System (BMS) are other common terms for these systems and are designed to automate and control mechanical and electrical systems within a building or facility. These systems are networks of hardware and software that control the parts of HVAC system to keep the building at a desired temperature for each day.

Energy Monitoring Systems are designed to monitor energy usage giving the user real-time date. The user can then utilize the information to make decisions about how they use their energy. The client want or need to reduce the usage during peak times in order to reduce their energy costs. The client realizes they can reduce usage at certain times of the day when a building is not in use. There are many options that energy monitoring data can give the end user.